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Vermont Joy Parade: the Clock Tick and the Heartbeat

TUESDAY, JUNE 25 – 8:00 PM

In the final months of 2011, hot on the heels of a successful northeastern tour, and with a new album recorded with Ryan Power in the bag, Vermont Joy Parade made their way across the Atlantic Ocean to the European nexus of Berlin, Germany. They arrived with empty pockets and pipe dreams, piss and vinegar. They left with empty pockets and smoker’s cough, heartburn and indigestion. But somewhere in between they played every dusty nook and cranny of Berlin, graced some of the largest stages in Europe, and got lost in Poland – a lot. “Vermont Joy Parade: the Clock Tick and the Heartbeat”, directed by Vivian Strosberg, is the story of their chaotic, unpredictable, and comic journey. Part “Spinal Tap”, part music video, and part travelogue; it’s almost as fun as being there yourself. But not as claustrophobic.

Featuring songs from Vermont Joy Parade’s sophomore album, “New Anthem”, and guest appearances by Jared Leto, 20,000 teenage girls, and a drunk German alpine horn player.

91 minutes.

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