Spectacle is always happy to hear from people interested in joining the collective.

If you’re considering volunteering, you should already have been to the theater a few times; if you haven’t done that yet, please come see some films with us to get a sense of what the theater is like before mailing. We’re looking for members who have understand the vibe of the theater, have some insight into the kind of programming we do, and have a personal investment in keeping the S a-flame.
Because we are a non-hierarchical organization we rely heavily on trust between members and routine in taking care of daily tasks, both of which can take many months to build up. We therefore do not accept short-term volunteers (for example over the summer or during a single semester).

Please send an email to our volunteer email address with the following –

  • How you heard about Spectacle and what you movie you last saw with us
  • a bit about yourself, interests or programming dreams
  • experience working in a collective or ability to adapt to such a model
  • what spare time you have available
  • how you can see yourself helping with Spectacle, any special skills besides the booth
  • any questions for us

We do not offer a formal internship program or professional leg-up to working in film or cinema in New York.