STRONGMAN w/ Director Zachary Levy!

Dir. Zachary Levy, 2011.
USA. 113 min.

One night only! Director Zachary Levy in attendance!

Strongman tells the story of Stanley “Stanless Steel” Pleskun, “The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal”. A man who can lift dump trucks and bend US pennies with his fingers, but struggles daily to transcend his chaotic New Jersey home life. Aging parents, an alcoholic brother, a timid beauty of a girlfriend, show-biz agents and strength rivals; pressure mounts on Stan as he feels time slipping away. However, what starts as a portrait of an eccentric outsider soon becomes a deeply universal story about trying to find a better life in the scraps of modern times.

This screening is in conjunction with the October 15th release of Strongman on DVD, available here.

“an outsider tale of lilting poignancy” New York Times

“I watched with quiet fascination” – Roger Ebert

“A strange and strangely beautiful movie” John Anderson, Variety