SHRIEK SHOW X (2010-????)


Well, hell, if it isn’t Halloween already. This year has been absolute dogshit by pretty much every measurable standard, but we’re not letting that stop THE SHRIEK SHOW!

Spectacle’s 10th annual SHRIEK SHOW will be presented on our Twitch channel from noon through midnight. All mystery meat, all day long. All showtimes EST.

MOVIE #1 – 12PM

A black and white late Sixties ghost thriller to kick things off. Originally conceived as the pilot of a show that didn’t get picked up, this moody shocker follows a paranormal investigator and a woman who’s convinced she’s going to be buried alive.

MOVIE #2 – 1:30 PM

An Italian vampire-adjacent chiller from the early 70’s… creepy dolls, pale Europeans and gothic horror abound!

MOVIE #3 – 3:15 PM

A Shaw-flavored early 80’s folk horror tale of betrayal and revenge featuring maggots, exploding boils, snakes, decapitations, flying heads, and much more!

MOVIE #4 – 5PM 

A long-short film from the early Nineties about a fraternity’s hazing ritual gone awry on the night of their campus Halloween celebration.

MOVIE #5 – 6PM

A telenovela on crack, this Mexican feature was filmed and initially shelved in the late Sixties, only to be unearthed and fleshed out with freshly shot horror scenes in the early Eighties before being released on TV and video. A hazy mindfuck of a film featuring every trope in the book (plus a heavy dose of melodrama.)

MOVIE #6 – 7:30 PM

Regional horror at its finest: we’re screening the special director’s cut of a late Eighties Texas horror gem about two people caught in the Lovecraftian curse of a strange house.

MOVIE #7 – 9:45 PM

Another long-short (40 minutes) – this one from Japan, a shot-on-video gross-out fest from the mid-80’s. Expect blood, guts, tentacles, and some really terrible rubber-slithering-sounds. Not for the faint of heart!

MOVIE #8 – 10:35 PM

Shriek Show X closes out with an early Nineties low budget “vampire flick”. Shot on 8mm for about $5k over the course of 2-3 years, this independent gorefest claims “the most exploding heads in a horror film ever” – and they’re not wrong. Also featuring a kickass heavy metal soundtrack and some of the best home-brewed FX ever committed to celluloid!