Calling all film-noir enthusiasts, distressed delinquents, and seasoned double crossers! Bid the bleak month of November farewell with eight back-to-back b-films lost and buried to the shadows of yesteryear.

Meditate through the darkest depths of desperation for 12-hours straight as we indulge in the disillusioned dream-states of the film noir era.

Starring: Joan Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, Ella Raines, Sterling Hayden, Ed Begley, Helen Walker, Angela Lansbury, Peter Lorre, Barbara Bates, Erich Von Stroheim, & More!

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12:00pm: MOVIE #1
?????? ??????? (AKA “??? ????”)

Kicking things off with a sophisticated double-con lensed by the master of film noir, John Alton.

1:30pm: MOVIE #2

Small-town noir that also functions as an anti-romance and court-room melodrama.

3:30pm: MOVIE #3
??? ?? ????? (AKA “???”)

Expressionist psycho-sexual horror-hybrid

4:30pm: MOVIE #4

Quintessential film-noir for all you disillusioned dreamers

6:00pmz: MOVIE #5

Featuring Hollywood heavyweights as assassins, tough guys, and pacifists

7:30pm: MOVIE #6

An ruthless hidden gem scripted by the legendary creator of the classic American anthology show *** ******** ****

9:00pm: MOVIE #7

Early costume-noir from the master of melodrama

10:45p: MOVIE #8
??? ???? ????????

A fitting closing statement: Classic b-movie fare starring the chiaroscuro auteur as a misanthropic vaudevillian