Cinap Cinatas banner

Dir. Darren Bauler, 2015 (compiled from source material 1982-1990)
USA, abt. 40 min.


“When the black stars align, you will be given a sign.”

In a time of the evils of role-playing games, the “audio pornography” of blood-spitting pentagram-wearing heavy metal, the rise of VHS Video Nasties and the political atmosphere of the Reagan reinvention of the Republican party as the home of the Moral Majority, the time was right for a decade-long consideration of what was known as Satanic Ritual Abuse. I (Darren) honestly believe there is an amazing documentary possible weaving all these threads into a cohesive whole, free of both right-leaning hysteria and leftist dismissal. This is not that documentary. Instead, it is a gratuitous blur of backmasking, Christian scare films, prime-time documentary footage, law enforcement training videos and more, edited for maximum nod freakout. We tag all the familiar bases here, from the Judas Priest trial to Ricky Kasso’s brutal murder of Gary Lauwers and subsequent suicide, along with many cases lesser-known these days. We look at brainwashing, hidden messages, desecrated cemeteries and endless throngs of kids with Venom patches and upside down crosses carved into their arms. Intended NOT to be a tongue-in-cheek goof nor a serious warning about the evils of the occult, it is our hope this experience stands outside simple opinion or smug dismissal. With an entirely new score written and performed by the director, CINAP CINATAS is necessary viewing for teenage delinquents, 80s fetishists and anyone curious about the “Occult renaissance” claimed over the past few years.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: animal sacrifice, child molestation, occult rituals, multiple unedited crime scenes, potentially seizure-inducing strobe effects, Geraldo Rivera