dir. Micah Vassau, 2017
90 mins. United States.

THURSDAY, JULY 25 – 7:30 PM (with cast & crew in person for Q&A)
ONE NIGHT ONLY! (This event is $10)


In a far away, fucked up land, there lives a broke country-fried blonde who isn’t so bright… Consuming raw chicken and collecting beer cans out of the river to make ends meet, she spends her ditzy days caring for her decrepit grandmother in their dilapidated abode. But after a sinister demon of static steals an egg that she believes to be her baby, she is flung unto a seriously perverse quest to be reunited with said egg.

Rummaging through her shabby woodland town by jet ski, inhaling all the drugs that cross her path, she encounters a myriad of total nutjobs. Some try to turn her on to God, some let her suck on their toes, while others pour 40s over her head, or seek to demolish her innocent soul.

No childhood imagination is safe from this disturbingly depraved fable of nooky, dope, and degeneracy. Savvily shot on VHS, edited by cerebrums of relentless corruption, and scored with pretty much any genre of music you can think of, FINGERILLA is a fairy tale trauma you’ll certainly want to spare your children of.

CONTENT WARNING: Seriously… leave your kids at home.