BURNING FRAME: A Monthly Anarchist Film Series

CALLING ALL LEFTISTS! The past few years have been a whirlwind: exhausting, invigorating, and ripe with potential. It’s tremendously difficult, when in the thick of it, to pause, reflect, or even find a moment to catch a breath. Especially when “it” refers to the rise of fascism on a global scale, with any number of future cataclysms hovering just over the horizon. But we digress.

Join us, then, for a series that asks: if not now, when? Come for great works of radical political filmmaking, stay for the generative discussions, or even just to gossip and gripe. The hope isthat this forum for authentic representations of successes, defeats, and the messy work of political action, will be thrilling, edifying, and maybe even inspire your next organizing project. To butcher the title of a great film for the sake of a moderately applicable pun: “Throw away your dogma, rally in the cinema.”


Soviet Smut
dir. Yakov Levi, 2009
82 mins. Russia.
In Russian with English subtitles.

The videos of Yakov Levi define amateur, yukking (and yakking) it up as a fuck you to the censors, an affirmation of solidarity with the beleaguered, demeaned and oppressed. If it blanches the middlebrow it’s here. Filth that fights back, then. Comedies, horror, horror comedies: Levi does it all! So in the spirit of lumpy-proletariat transgression we give you a corpus so rotted through it’s possible the swampy, grotty stench will befoul fair Spectacle for years to come. Slop, grit, grime, tosh, goo: all the muck that’s fit to ogle.