DIRT CITY FLIXX (Never Fahgettaboudit)


2013. Various. Animated.

SATURDAY, MAY 25TH – 7:30pm

In a time when the medium of animation is polarized between commercial programming and independent “Art Film,” few examples can be found that epitomize the new wave of independent filmmakers that choose to utilize the medium in ways that eschew any form of targeting; rather they are narrative forms of self-expression that convey the experience of the contemporary artist. As the necessary technology of animation has become more accessible to artists, the medium itself has transformed—much like the comic book–to convey subversive, experimental, and harsh themes and techniques with immediacy previously unavailable. The films showcased here in DIRT CITY FLIXX represent some of the most exciting, funny, violent, stupid, inventive, and dirty sexxy movies coming out of New York City and the internet at large.

DIRT CITY FLIXX contains the work of the following independent filmmakers.

Dennis Morano
Ivo Stoop
Colin Kelly
Alex Wood
Rick Manlapig
Cody Walzel
Vince Cretara
Charlie Judkins
Mike Gallant
with Lavina Yelb’s Pelina

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