dir. [Name of Director]
live score / video collage
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19 – 7:30 AND 10:00 PM


Even after two decades, [year of blockbuster] blockbuster [name of blockbuster] remains indelibly etched into the collective consciousness. Originally released to breathless acclaim, 14 Oscar nominations, and 11 wins including Best Picture, and endlessly repeat theater visits by teenage viewers, the movie lingers in the memories of many, accompanied a deep-seated shame at knowing every note in “[title of canadian soundtrack pop hit]”.

Join us on the twentieth anniversary of [name of blockbuster]’s debut for a live reconstruction of [blockbusting director]’s unsinkable creation. With visual processing by Sleepy Peopl and an improvised score by Cyrus, [EVENT NAME] is a 30-minute voyage into the unknown, a wreckage that will go on and on.

Cyrus is Maggie Drew Brennan and members of Tar Of. Maggie is a city-based visual, audial dilettante. Tar Of play experimental pop and electronic textures, and recently discovered a shared past obsession with a certain cinematic experience.

Sleepy Peopl piece together live video projections from found and created materials and one of them has still never seen TITA–[film in question].

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