Camp Motion Pictures presents: SATAN’S BLACK WEDDING

dir. Nick Philips, 1975,
61 mins, USA


Mark travels to California to unravel the mystery surrounding his sister’s death. He learns that she had been writing a novel about Satanic worship and spent a good deal of time at an abandoned church outside of town. When Mark begins seeing her in the company of a creepy looking priest, he goes to the old church and learns that Satan himself has chosen him and his sister to be wed in unholy matrimony…and become the proud vampire parents of the Antichrist!

Kent Bateman, 1971
78 min, USA


You know how it is for starving artists, right? I mean, look at your clothes. Anyway, it used to be even harder! So hard that some of them turned to a life of crime. This is especially true in the case of Arthur Malcolm. Down on his luck, Arthur is caught robbing an apartment and loses his eye in the process. Once he’s healed he’s out on the streets and, brother, he is HEATED. Arthur sets about on a mad killing spree, gouging out the eyes of his victims with a spoon. He collects the eyes for his artwork, you see. This continues for some time with mixed results.

This film was directed by Kent Bateman, father of Jason and Justine, in the streets of a now long gone version of NYC. According to this film, it was a time when a hooker would approach a man covered in blood in the middle of the day in order to turn a trick. The good old days. In addition to this movie being totally batshit insane with a FIERCE mutant soundtrack, it’s a veritable snapshot of a city as nasty as they come. The performances are hammy and intense, like Easter dinner in a mental institution.


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