GET REEL is a comedy show for movie lovers (and movie haters, alike). It features clips from well-known films, appropriated into comedic routines by New York’s HOTTEST (physically and career-wise) comedians.
This month’s theme is SLUMBER PARTY. Playing murderous, backstabbing tweens at the worst sleepover ever, hosts Joe Castle Baker and Max Wittert will present an array of clips dubbed over live, by [hot] comedians. In accordance with the theme, Joe and Max will be presenting filmic moments of secrets, seances, spooky stories, and makeovers!!! We can’t wait to find out who will be dead by morning! Come see it on Friday, July 20th at 8 pm!
Hosted by Joe Castle Baker and Max Wittert, this month’s theme is SLUMBER PARTY, featuring famous filmic moments of late-night storytelling, makeovers, and backstabbing! Grab a sleeping bag, some Tang, and a splatter guard for the blood. Just kidding, there won’t be any blood. Or at least we don’t think so…

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