BURNING FRAME: A Monthly Anarchist Film Series

Acts and Intermissions
Abigail Child, 2016
58 mins, USA

TUESDAY, JULY 23 – 7:30 PM

“Never so relevant as now: a history of protest for fair wages, free speech and birth control. In the early 20th century, Emma Goldman was viewed as the Most Dangerous Woman Alive and her legacy continues. She believed in the anarchistic ideal of individualism and ultimately, non-violence, yet she also felt beauty, art, fun itself, were part of the freedoms for which she was fighting. This conflict between revolutionary purity and personal freedom underlines the continuing conflict between law and justice, and foregrounds Goldman’s strong feminist stance. Blending archive, contemporary observational views, re-enactment and text, the overlapping of present and past events expand narrative dimensions. ACTS & INTERMISSIONS looks at core issues of our times, inequalities most starkly in play in the past but that don’t go away in the present. Whereas the despots of the 20th century wore uniforms, the despots of the 21st wear suits.”

Poster by Ian Thomas!